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What are common workplace accident injuries for warehouse workers?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Workers' Compensation Injuries |

Working in California’s warehouses exposes employees to various risks. It is backbreaking work under horrendous conditions that often lacks air conditioning or other temperature or climate controls. You also often have to deal with negative environmental affects, like exposure to hazardous substances and the injuries that result from such exposure. This leads many workers to wonder what the common workplace accident injuries for warehouse are for workers.

What are common workplace accident injuries for warehouse workers?

Warehouse work leads to frequent injuries like skin disorders, respiratory issues and organ damage due to exposure to hazardous substances. Contact with or inhalation of chemicals, fumes and gases often results in various ailments and injuries. Additionally, warehouse workers often suffer from injuries caused by falls, slips, trips and overexertion, which can happen during tasks like loading docks, operating forklifts and manual lifting.

Warehouse worker accident statistics in California

In 2022, California witnessed over 500 fatal work injuries, with transportation incidents and exposure to harmful substances or environments being the leading causes. The private transportation and warehousing sector, along with the transportation and material moving occupational group, experienced the highest number of fatal workplace injuries.

Steps to take after a workplace accident

In case of an injury at work, warehouse workers should report the incident promptly to the employer to avoid denial of benefits. Next, seek immediate medical attention to receive necessary treatment and create a record supporting their claim. Your employer may already have a proscribed care provider, but if it is an emergency, you may need to simply call, 9-1-1, for emergency medical help. Finally, maintain detailed records of medical expenses, lost wages and related costs to support their case.


By integrating safety measures and being proactive in response to workplace accidents, warehouse workers can mitigate risks and ensure a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues. And, by understanding the risks and knowing the appropriate steps to take after an accident can help warehouse workers secure the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to.