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What are supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB)?

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After sustaining an injury on the job, employees in recovery can rely on workers’ compensation to help shoulder a portion of their medical expenses and lost wages. However, even with recovery, some injuries have lasting effects that can hinder workers from returning to their previous employment. A lesser-known benefit known as Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits can provide a lifeline in these situations.

How do Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits (SJDB) work?

When injuries prevent a worker from full recovery, their doctor may advise them against returning to their previous job to avoid worsening their condition. Even if an employer is willing to keep their employee, they might not always have an alternative position available. Considering their medical limitations, finding new work can be a significant challenge.

Workers in these situations may turn to supplemental job displacement benefits. These benefits offer financial support for qualified injured workers that can help cover the costs of retraining or skill enhancement to improve their reemployment opportunities.

Eligible individuals will receive non-transferable SJDB vouchers, which they can use to pay for educational expenses such as tuition, books and other requirements they may need to attend a state-approved school.

Qualifications for SJDB

Employees with a permanent partial disability or who receive a disability rating under 100% may be eligible for SJDB. To qualify for SJDB, employees must satisfy 2 major criteria:

  1. Their occupational injury must have resulted in permanent partial disability
  2. Their employer is unable to offer more suitable work

How much can you receive from SJDB?

If an employer does not provide an alternative position or if a worker sustains a permanent partial disability from a job-related injury, they should receive an SJDB voucher from the claims administrator.

The dollar amounts of SJDB vouchers vary depending on a worker’s permanent disability rating. Workers with ratings below 15% may be eligible for vouchers up to $4,000, whereas those with ratings between 50% and 99% could receive up to $10,000.

Supplemental job displacement benefits are designed to help injured individuals rejoin the workforce. However, the claims process is notorious for delays and obstacles. When facing issues surrounding your workers’ compensation benefits, an attorney can be a valuable legal ally.