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Workers should know their rights regarding workplace violence

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When the topic of California workplace injuries is discussed, people will reflexively think about slipping and falling, being hit with an object, suffering a strain, breaking a bone or having injuries that came about as they performed their duties. However, there are other ways in which people can suffer workplace injuries and workers’ compensation benefits are available to help them recover.

Workplace violence is a growing problem across the nation. Employers are expected to have plans in place to address it. Workers who are injured in this type of incident need to be aware of what employers were expected to do to prevent it and how to file a claim for workers’ compensation. A new law was recently enacted in the state to try and prevent workplace violence.

Understanding the new workplace violence laws

The law was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Employers must take various steps to ensure workers are shielded from the possibility of violence while on the job. That includes:

  • A plan to prevent violence
  • Recording threats and past incidents
  • Training workers appropriately on handling workplace violence

Nearly all employers in the state are required to abide by the law. A prevention plan must identify who is overseeing the program; give detailed procedures so the employer can take steps to address workplace violence; protect workers from retaliation for reporting it; give employees tools to immediately respond; and provide a transparent method of how workplace threats are managed.

Employees must also be trained in recognizing potential dangers such as a colleague who is behaving in a threatening or unusual manner. The employer will be expected to maintain a record of any threats or acts of violence as well as their response to it.

Workers can seek workers’ compensation after workplace violence

It is unfortunate that people need to have it in the back of their mind that they might be the victim of violence in the workplace. Injuries they suffer in this kind of attack can be long-lasting physically, emotionally and financially hindering attempts to support themselves and their families.

Just as with any other injury that occurred on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are generally available for those hurt in this way. To get the medical care, receive wage coverage and to maximize the payments, it is useful to understand all the aspects of filing a claim and being approved.