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Watch out for these 4 common construction accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you work in construction, one of the things you constantly have to watch out for is a workplace hazard. Construction sites usually have multiple dangers. In 2018, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that 21% of all fatalities on worksites took place in the construction trades. Injuries also happen frequently.

I know that you want to be safe while you’re on the job, so it’s important to know the four most common workplace accidents and how to avoid them. Some of the hazards to look for include:

  • Moving vehicles
  • Falling objects
  • Fall hazards
  • Electrocution

It is possible to avoid injuries related to vehicles, falls, falling objects and electrocution, but only with strong safety protocols and prevention techniques. Good personal protective equipment and training also helps minimize the risk to workers.

What can workers and employers do to make construction sites safer?

With the above four hazards, it’s important for everyone in the workplace to have training on those hazards and how to address them when they’re present. For example, anyone who is going to use a forklift should receive appropriate training and licensing when required. When a vehicle is in motion, the driver should be able to see around it or have alarms to let others know that they’re approaching. Good communication while the vehicle is in motion may help prevent crashes or crush injuries from hitting other vehicles or employees.

For falling objects, using tethering is a good way to prevent objects from being dropped. When that’s not possible, warnings and blockades below the area may help keep others out of a fall zone.

As with objects, using tethers may help keep workers stabilized at a height, too. Good safety harnesses and attachments may stop workers from falling, even if they slip, a ladder falls or scaffolding collapses.

Finally, placing warnings around exposed electrical items and using rubberized PPE helps prevent electrocution.

Good training and maintaining safety protocols in the workplace help prevent workers from suffering injuries in workplace accidents. Those who do end up getting hurt may suffer less serious injuries with these safety steps in place.