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Common injuries among landscape workers

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Workers' Compensation Injuries |

As a landscape worker, I have an opportunity to spend my days outdoors and creating beautiful spaces for residential and commercial properties. There are a lot of advantages to my type of work, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of potential hazards. There are many ways that workers like me face threats of injury while on the job, and those threats come from a variety of sources.

Injuries from machinery

Landscape workers use a lot of different tools while on the job. On any given day, I may use electric tools like mowers, weed removers, and leaf blowers, just to clean up a physical space. Any of the equipment or machinery that I use could malfunction and cause me to suffer a serious injury.

Injuries from non-electrical devices

Just as electric tools can cause landscape workers harm, so too can standard tools like saws, Rakes, and shovels. An unsafe tool could cause a serious cut, burn, or abrasion on a landscape workers body. I do my best to avoid these types of injuries, but when I do not have the right equipment to do my job, it can be difficult to stay safe.

Injuries from chemicals

One of the harshest categories of equipment that landscape workers use is chemicals. There are many different chemicals that I use to treat weeds and clean up other outdoor substances. Some of the chemicals that landscape workers use are hazardous and caused burns, and inhalation injuries. These forms of injury can set workers back for a long time and results in significant amounts of time away from work.

Landscape work is a great opportunity for workers like me. Unfortunately, there are many hazards that I face every day when I am on the job. There are options for landscape workers, though, when they get hurt. If I ever get hurt in a landscape in injury, I will find a workers’ compensation attorney to help me file my claim.