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“We will ensure the settlement you receive is the best possible — and we are not afraid to go to trial to get it.”
– Attorney Eric Overholt

“We will ensure the settlement you receive is the best possible.”

Representative Case Results

Workers’ Compensation


Ricardo Martinez v. Arias Mechanical: The injured worker suffered a back injury while catching an industrial air-conditioning unit as it was falling onto a coworker after a mounting bracket failed. Unfortunately, the surgery dislodged arterial plaque that led to a blood clot that disrupted circulation in the lower leg leading to life-threatening gangrene and ultimately, emergency amputation below the knee. The claim was contested by the insurance provider and heavily litigated. The court awarded total permanent disability and home health care in perpetuity. Shortly after, the firm obtained a $5.1 million structured settlement.


Sperry v. Vons: As unique as a case can be, this injured worker had a preexisting condition that the neutral physician found to be 99% NON-industrial. Her injury took place when she sustained a hairline fracture to a small bone in her foot while walking at work. This seemingly benign injury spiraled into a catastrophic and complex series of medical issues. In spite of the tenuous causation, hundreds of thousands in medical treatment was secured for the injured worker as well as two full years of disability payments before settling for an additional $1.7 million in an unstructured cash settlement.


Hernandez v. Brian Miller Painting Co.: This injured worker regrettably sustained serious orthopedic injuries after falling from the back of a company vehicle. The injured worker’s previous lawyer was offered $80k to resolve the claim. The firm then took over and litigated the claim for over two years, leading to a $600,000 result several times more than the insurance company’s maximum offer of $80k to prior counsel.