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Amazon accused of violating warehouse worker quota law

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

When you get into a routine, it can feel mechanical, but you should never feel like a machine at work. An employee is a human being, and they are afforded specific rights in the work environment.

Unfortunately, not all employers comply with these rules and regulations, creating an environment that does not meet safety standards. These could be the causes of injuries occurring at the workplace.

With regards to warehouses, there exists a wide range of potential dangers and risks. Thus, failing to comply with regulations specific to warehouses could threaten the safety of the working and be the cause of a serious workplace accident.

Law violations and penalties

Based on news reports, Amazon is accused of violating a California law that makes it illegal for an employer to fire an employee for falling short of a quota, with that quota causing interference with the employee’s ability to take lunch and bathroom breaks. Additionally, this law commands that employers share productivity requirements with their employees, as this ensures they understand the number of tasks per hour that need to be completed and the penalties if this is not met.

Investigators found that Amazon failed to provide its employees with a written notice of the quotas used. As of this reporting, 59,017 violations were documented. Each violation is penalized with a fine amounting to $100, resulting in an overall fine of $5,901,700.

Warehouse injuries

The concern with this matter is the potential impacts it has on safety. If quota expectations are not transparent, workers are unable to comprehend the work that needs to be done, if it is feasible or if the quotas set go beyond safety limitations.

The concern with quotas is that workers will automatically default to working as fast as possible. If a worker is under the impression that their job is on the line, their focus will be on maintaining employment versus workplace safety.

A warehouse accident could be the result of quotas set for the employees or an unsafe condition caused by non-compliance with safety regulations. If you have suffered an injury in a warehouse accident, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to seeking worker’s compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits could address the physical and financial damages suffered in the incident.