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Auto accidents endanger road construction crews

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Worker Safety |

Construction work is one of the riskier occupations people can do in California. One area where workers are at significant risk is when they are working on a road construction crew. There has been greater attention being paid to road worker safety after some major accidents in which workers were severely injured and some lost their lives.

Despite that, the worries persist. A recent study showed just how dangerous this type of work continues to be. Those who are doing road construction work need to be aware of the potential for an accident and how to secure workers’ compensation benefits to cover for all that was lost.

Almost two in three workers stated their work area had an auto crash

A recent survey by Associated General Contractors emphasized how at risk many workers feel when they are on a road construction crew. The survey is conducted annually and has been done for the past decade.

Almost 50% of those who took part said they thought that the chance of a work zone auto accident was worse in 2024 than it was in 2023. Almost half said they thought it was the same. Three percent said it had gotten better. More concerning was the number of workers who said an automobile had crashed into their work zone. That came to 64%. Of those who said they were involved in a work zone accident, 29% said a worker had been injured.

When asked why they think these accidents are happening, workers blamed drivers who exceeded the speed limit and were distracted. Still, they are also placing some of the responsibility on states for not treating this issue with the seriousness it deserves and making sure to cite drivers for misbehavior.

Some steps that are believed to be effective in making work zones safer include speed cameras and higher fines. Drivers in some states receive education as to work zone safety when they are pursuing their driver’s license.

When construction accidents happen, workers’ compensation can help

Regardless of the type of construction work a person is doing, they are in jeopardy of suffering a work-related injury. The industry itself has inherent risks that can cause broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, bruises, cuts and even lost limbs. Whether it is from an auto crash during road construction, a fall, an accident with a heavy piece of equipment or any other catalyst, it is imperative to know how workers’ compensation benefits can help, how to file a claim and be approved.