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Excessive heat may lead to an uptick in workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation Injuries |

I cannot deny that summer in the San Diego area can be brutally hot at times. Still, we see people going to work at construction sites and factories every day in the heat. However, one study has found that when the weather is scorching the number of workplace injuries increases.

The link between hot temperature and work accidents

The study examined 18 years’ worth of workers’ compensation claims in California and compared these claims to the daily temperature on the date of injury. Workplace injuries rose approximately 9% on days when the temperature reached the 90s. Moreover, workplace injuries rose a whopping 15% on days when the temperature reached the 100s. Hot temperatures affect not just those who worked outside but also those who worked indoors such as in factories or warehouses. Heat was responsible for about 20,000 workplace injuries annually.

What are some injuries workers suffer in the heat?

When I think of heat-related injuries I initially think of heat sickness or heat exhaustion. However, these are not the only injuries related to heat. When it is hot out, workers are more apt to fall, be struck by a vehicle or mishandle heavy equipment. Simply put, heat can impair decision-making.

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