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Common types of manufacturing accidents

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Individuals who work in manufacturing industries suffer injuries and deaths from workplace accidents at a higher rate than workers in other fields. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 percent of workers are employed in manufacturing but 8 percent of workplace deaths happen in the manufacturing field.

Preventing manufacturing injuries and deaths starts with understanding how the happen. This post will introduce San Diego readers to some of the common ways manufacturing workplace injuries happen. This post is informational in nature and should not be read as legal or professional advice. When workplace accidents happen, victims can benefit from consulting with trusted legal advisors for case-specific support.

Major causes of manufacturing injuries and deaths in the United States

One of the main causes of workplace injuries and deaths for manufacturing workers is falling or sliding objects. Particularly, workers in the food and fabricated metal manufacturing industries were serious affected by falling, sliding, and rolling objects. In addition to falling objects, workers suffering falls themselves cause a number of injuries and deaths each year.

Manufacturing workers are often harmed by workplace illnesses. Many come into contact with chemicals and other products that can negatively impact their health. When sickened by one’s job a worker may have cause to seek the recovery of their losses.

Dealing with a manufacturing injury or illness

It can feel impossible for a worker to take time off work to recover from an illness or injury they suffered on the job. However, doing so is often necessary for the worker to get back to their best health so they can live a full life. After a manufacturing illness or injury, a worker can choose to learn about their legal rights and options for a dedicated injury and workers’ compensation lawyer.