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Carpal tunnel can impact workers in a variety of industries

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation Injuries |

When discussing work injuries and the need for workers’ compensation benefits in California, it is natural to automatically think of the types of jobs where injuries are known to happen and obvious after they do. That includes construction, warehouse work, dock work, transportation and agriculture. In short, physical jobs are categorized as leading to more injuries than sedentary jobs. However, people who earn their living doing desk jobs can also suffer debilitating injuries that warrant workers’ compensation benefits. One such injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. Ironically, it is important to be aware that carpal tunnel is not limited to office workers. Recent research shows that other industries can cause it too.

Study indicates carpal tunnel can happen in myriad jobs

A recent study contradicts the widely-held perception that people who spend their workday at a keyboard are the main victims of carpal tunnel syndrome. While these workers still suffer from it regularly, the researchers discovered that manufacturing workers and those in the construction industry are also vulnerable to it. In fact, the study found that the risk is even higher in those industries than it is for desk workers. Because those in manufacturing and construction must grip, lift and use their wrists, it can increase the chance of carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel causes pain from the hand upward through the arm and results in problems with moving the hand. This will hinder people from doing a major segment of jobs. It frequently requires immobilization or surgery. People who are having symptoms of carpal tunnel but do not work in the types of jobs at which it is commonly associated should be cognizant of the new information indicating that it happens to people who use power tools in construction, their hands in manufacturing and in other tasks.

Add carpal tunnel to the list of workers’ compensation issues laborers may face

In addition to back injuries, ligament damage, fractures, burns, lost limbs and other issues that can come up in manufacturing and construction, carpal tunnel is also increasingly prevalent. Being injured and unable to work causes a litany of challenges personally, financially, physically and emotionally. Workers’ compensation benefits can be critical for people to get the medical care they need and to be paid for the time they are off the job. Often, there are disagreements between the worker and the insurer about the severity of the injury and how long her or she will be off the job. To maximize benefits, it can be helpful to have experienced legal advice when filing a claim.