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“We will ensure the settlement you receive is the best possible.”

Fourteen charged in workers’ compensation scam worth $14 million

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

California’s workers compensation system is meant to assist people in incredibly difficult situations, so when criminals abuse the system for their own benefit the State acts harshly and swiftly, as two Southern California men recently discovered.

The State allows programs or “schools” to be operated with the intention of training injured workers to navigate life with a disability. The State provides lucrative vouchers to help make these programs possible. But for two Los Angeles area scam artists, the vouchers presented other financial opportunities that were simply too good to pass up.

The two men and their 12 accomplices did operate schools, that’s without question. But they decided that the state voucher money could be put to better use in a, um, more personal capacity.

In addition to grifting voucher money, they also overcharged attendees for laptops and supplies.

The 14 people involved were charged in 3 separate cases with counts including insurance fraud, conspiracy, receiving kickbacks, and capping.

Protecting workers’ rights

Worker’s compensation fraud is such a pernicious problem because it takes from those in desperate need of assistance; namely, those who have suffered serious workplace injuries.

Workers have rights, and workers compensation laws and benefits are meant to ensure that those rights are protected and not abused by unethical employers.

A serious workplace injury can change a person’s life; they may be out of a job, in medical debt, and in need of physical therapy. The burden on both the victim and their family is often tremendous.

An experienced workers compensation lawyer can help you file a claim and, if need be, vindicate your rights before a court of law.