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Common injuries suffered by workers in the restaurant industry

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There are many restaurants in the San Diego area and they serve many different types of food. They also have different types of service. Some may be fast food, others may have counter service only and some have full service where people order from their tables. While there are many different types of restaurants, all have certain similarities and they will utilize much of the same equipment in order to run the restaurant.

There will be ovens, grills, fryers, knives and other utensils, there are tables and chairs for customers to sit at, there are usually various types of beverages served and when they spill or food falls on the floor it must be cleaned up using mops and other cleaning methods. All of these are common items found in most restaurants and all can cause injuries to the workers when they are not used properly or they malfunction in some way. Some injuries are more common than others though.

Common injuries among restaurant workers

Below are some of the more common injuries restaurant workers suffer:

  • Cuts – these can occur when people are using knives or handling plates or other dishes that broke.
  • Burns – People can burn themselves on grills or ovens, when oil from a fryer splashes on them, boiling water splashing on them and in other situations
  • Sprains – These can occur when workers are reaching for items that are too high or if they fall on a slippery substance that may have not been cleaned up quickly or properly. Also, holding heavy objects in awkward positions can lead to strains.

The injuries that restaurant workers suffer can be pretty severe in some cases. Sometimes they will prevent the worker from working, which means they will lose income as a result. So, in addition to dealing with physical limitations, they may also be dealing with financial hardships.

Restaurant workers in the San Diego area that find themselves in this position may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits though. These can be very valuable to the worker and help ease the financial burdens associated with the injury. Experienced attorneys understand the importance and may be a useful resource.