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Eric M. Overholt, Esq. is a lawyer in San Diego and Imperial County in California.  This blog is designed to provide a basic overview of the Workers’ Compensation system and to provide information about the work comp system for injured workers, other Workers’ Compensation attorneys (or even attorneys who don’t practice work comp), and for people just curious about how the workers’ compensation works .  Those who have suffered an on the job injury often find the Workers’ Compensation system confusing.  There are many acronyms and terms that are unique to the work comp system.  Many people want to know: What is TD?  What is PD? When will TD end and PD start?  Will I have to payback PDAs?  What does P&S mean?  What does MMI mean?  These questions and more will be answered throughout this website.

Whether you have a brain injury, a back injury, a shoulder injury, a knee injury, or any other type of injury at work, this blog should provide relevant information.

Of course, nothing compares to the one-on-one advise directly from an experienced lawyer.  Nothing in this blog or website is designed to provide legal advise and nothing on this site creates an attorney-client relationship.  Please contact Eric M. Overholt, Esq., Attorney at Law or another experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer if you would like more information about retaining an attorney to represent you for your work related injury in San Diego or throughout California. Mr. Overholt is one of the best lawyers in San Diego and in Imperial County and will fight for your rights in court.

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